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D. Nash

"My wife and I have tried numerous burger places, both good and bad. While visiting our daughter and her family in Midlothian, upon her recommendation we tried Branded Burger for lunch. I ordered the steak burger with extra lettuce, tomatoes, etc. I would have to say it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, if not the best. The meat was properly and thoroughly cooked, the bun was fresh and flavorful, and the trimmings were piled high and spilling out the sides. At $7, the price was about right for what you get. The wait time for preparation is fairly long, but a sign behind the counter points out that the food is cooked to order without time-saving short cuts. The young lady “Angelina” who took our order was friendly and did her job with a smile, a definite plus which made the overall experience more enjoyable. I’m definitely going back next time I’m in town."

R. Barron

"Very good burgers with a few craft beers."  Great food 

R. A Watson

"My husband and I went there for the first time yesterday (11-15) on my birthday. It was the best burger I’ve had in a loooooong time.  Loved the thickness of the meat and the meat patty is bigger than the bun. It was juicy and delicious. The fries were cooked to perfection.  Oh did I mention that cold Big Red in a bottle?...whoa that was the icing on the cake. I looked around for a peanut machine to add to my Big Red but all I found was a tattoo machine! ... Ok so As I was saying Branded Burger Co is amazing, with nice atmosphere and the staff was wonderful.  OMG I’m ready to go back for seconds.  So who has had a bottled soda with peanuts in it?" 

C. Oszczakiewicz

"So fresh and great tasting. Best secret in Texas and only place I’ve ever had a $10-$12 dollar burger for $6.99." 

Nathan D.

"This place has become one of my favorite spots to get a quality burger. From the staff to the food, this location is the place to go for lunch or dinner (I won't judge ).  If you are dining in, the service might seem slow but that is because all of the burgers are made to order. The main room is where you order the food and can watch as the burgers are cooked on the grill. They also have a back room that has few projectors along with a bar for drinks.The burger I normally get is called "Hollywood" burger. The burger comes with Pepper Jack cheese, grilled jalapeños, grilled onions, and of course some crispy Bacon (yummm). The meat is seasoned with a good balance of salt and pepper and the flavor is not overpowering the overall taste. When it comes out, the bun is branded with their company logo, hence the name. The fries come out fresh and crispy with some seasoning salt which gives them a good flavor. The portion is good for a person and if you are not that hungry, you might have some left over. Overall, I recommend the location for anyone that comes by Midlothian for lunch or dinner. You will soon find it to be one of your favorite burger joints as well." 

D. Medeleev

"Likely the best burger place I've ever been too. The place looks great, too."

L. Gayle

"I've had many many many burgers in search of the BEST burger, not only in Dallas/Fort Worth, but in many other cities across the country, and I have to say that Branded Burger is one of the best! And right in my own "backyard." I've kept my focus on the Dallas burgers, however I would put BB in my top 5 in D/FW. The meat is thick, juicy and flavorful. The bun is soft and it doesn't take over the meat. I've been to pretentious burger joints in Dallas that charge $12 for a burger and say that their meat is so high quality that they don't have to season, yeah, you do have to season it. BB seasons their meat. Try this burger!"

C. Egloff

"Beyond wonderful, great juicy burgers, Texas atmosphere, great for family and friends." 

S. Ray

"The burger was cooked perfectly and the meat was flavorful. I loved the home made French fries, too. Service was quick and the server was pleasant. I loved the ambiance. The booth had a table made of concrete and the seat backs were made of old truck tailgates. Very cute? It was an enjoyable experience and I recommend eating there if you are in the mood for a burger."

R. Allen

"My wife and I love this place. Good food. Great service. Simple food. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. We come all the way from South Dallas to eat here. Highly recommend it." 

D. Conine

"Outstanding quality and flavor, very friendly staff, and Cool decor. You're in for about $10 per person for a burger, fries or onion rings, and a drink. Very reasonable pricing for the quality in my opinion."

B. Ramsay

"Great burgers, great atmosphere, great place to hang with friends"

H. Ellis

"Being gluten sensitive, I have to order my burger bunless and, most of the time, the cooks have no idea how to accommodate. Y’all make the best bunless burgers I’ve had to date. Thank you- you make the drive for a Friday night dinner from Grand Prairie worth it!"